Kerala Temple Fire Tragedy: nearly 112 killed and around 400 injured; five detained

At least 112 people killed and around four-hundred others were severely injured in a massive firework explosion at a kali temple in Kollam district of Kerala on last day. Reports say that the police authorities nabbed five persons in connection with the case and registered a case against the contractors of the firework. It is learned that one of the main contactor of the firework is still absconding while the other one is critically injured. As per reports, at least fifteen hundred people were present in the temple premises when the unexpected massive-explosion jolted the temple. According to a data published in the TOI daily, it is said that nearly four hundred and fifty-one lives have been claimed by the firework accidents in last three year. Centre and state government have responsibly offered all possible supports to the victims and their family members. The government authorities, police officials, local people and rescue officials have immediately rushed to action after the incident. It is learned that they bought down the intensity of the fatal accident with their timely interference. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and several national and state leaders visited the accident spot and evaluated rescue operations and treatment progression of victims. Notably, majority of the Kerala leaders cancelled their poll campaign to visit the accident spot and hospital. As per reports, Union Health Minister J P Naidu will personally monitor the rescue operation and treatment progress at the behest of the Prime Minister Modi. Around ten lakh rupees have been offered to the families of diseased people and around two lakh people have been offered to the families of injured people. In addition, around two lakh rupee is announced by the Union government to the nearest relative of the diseased people. Media reported that Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Russian Supremo Vladimir Putin expressed their condolences to our Supremo PM Modi. The state government have announced a judicial enquiry into the brutal temple tragedy. Anyway, it is the high time for us to decide whether we should encourage these kinds of firework practices in our temples at the cost of our people’s life.


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