US senators question Indo-Iran ‘Chabahar port deal’

US senators revealed their concerns about the most-discussed ‘Chabahar port deal’ between India and Iran, questioning whether it risked the International embargo over the latter. It is said that the International authorities will closely monitor the trade developments between the strategical partners. The Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Nisha Desai Biswal, clarified that the Indian government is perfectly flowing International directions on the Iran issue. But, the Indian-origin secretary reportedly asserted that the US authorities are monitoring the Chabahar port deal to confirm that India has not risked the embargo through its deal. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on last day had inked a port deal with Iran government during his strategic visits to the Asian Islamic powerhouse, promising nearly five hundred million dollars to develop the Chabahar port in exchange of greater trade access. It is learned that the Indian government considers Iran as the perfect gateway to Central Asia and Afghanistan. With this move, the country is aiming to develop now trade routes in these countries, which is presently overshadowed by the Pakistan government. Recently, the world powers had partially quashed the embargo imposed up on Iranian government by keeping some restrictions on International trade. Meanwhile, Biswal assured that the Indo-Iranian relation is not creating any security concerns to the United States. She reminded that the US and Indian authorities are already sharing some mutual security agreements. In fact, the US considers India as a potential force to defend the growing Chinese supremacy in the Asian continent. However, PM Modi is scheduled to visit the United States on next month. He is expected to address a Joint Meeting of Congress during his visit.


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