AU set to send peace-force to Burundi: ‘Afrigan migrant crises’ reaches its peak

The African Union is planning to send a big peace-force to the conflict-affected Burundi. At least 400 civilians are reportedly killed in the civil war, which sparked after the President’s re-election. Earlier, opposition alleged that President Pierre Nkurunziza had tainted the peace pact of 2005, which is insisting two-term limit for the President post. Aggravating the crisis, Nkurunziza was repeatedly elected for the third time as the President of the country. Subsequently, a terrible civil war was busted against the ruling government. Currently, the AU is trying to inject a peace initiative into the country. Reports say that the Union would consider a sanction if Burundi turn down the suggestion. According to a Human Rights Organization, a recent attack had claimed at least one-fifty civilian lives. However, the Burundi military denounced the argument. Incidentally, Burundi is renowned for its nickel reserve; it has around six percentage of world’s nickel wealth. However, it seems the country is not likely to welcome the African Union suggestions. It had strongly condemned the unilateral suggestion. An unacknowledged report claims that the country had appointed special judicial commission to probe the human-rights violations. The African region is infamous for its terrible civil wars and the political tug of war. Burundi is the most volatile political region in Africa. Meanwhile, the civil war has generated a long chain of the refuges and asylum seekers in Africa. Bravely, Uganda had initiated a bold step to welcome the refuges. According to a report, around five lakh people had left the conflict regions and seek asylum in the neighboring countries, like Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya.

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