Bad weather continuous to batters Europe

Bad weather is reportedly inflicting serious injury on the people across the Europe, leaving thousands of innocent lives in jeopardy. As per report, UK, France and Belgium are the most-affected regions in the continent that witnessed continuous rainfall and bad-thunder. International Medias reported that nearly eighteen people killed and several others were badly injured due to the unexpected floods across the Europe. Forcing the respective authorities to implement an immediate evacuation from the river banks, several rivers have suddenly overflowed. It is learned that the dangerous lightning is aggravating the aftereffects of bad weather along with flood. Earlier, there were reports that the France government had earmarked a huge amount to tackle the unfortunate situation. It seems that adopting such measures would be extremely helpful for badly affected countries as it helps to overcome the crisis effectively. The transport system, mainly rail, road and ship, in this region is badly affected by the bad-weather conditions thereby putting unnecessary contractions on the tourism sector and, even, economy. Medias reported that some of the prominent tourist centres of the Europe have been partially closed for averting all possible dangers on its assets. Report added that thousands of rescue personals were deployed in respective places to help the ailing population. Meanwhile, the weather forecasters reportedly announced that the weather condition would continue to harm Europe throughout this week. They reportedly warned of floods and bad thunders and lightning.


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