Bihar-model may be used in UP elections: leaders met at Yadav’s book release

While attending a book-release function convened by JD(U), the Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar last day had triggered the first-spark for an alliance in UP elections. Reports say that he had personally met the senior RLD leader in a privet meeting to discuss the possibility of a grand-alliance. JDU is reportedly trying to gather the secular party’s confidence against the, so called, extreme-rightist BJP government. Earlier in the parliament election, the NDA led front had shattered the RLD, along with all the regional political voices; particularly the secular voices.    As the state is marching towards the prominent assembly-election on early 2015, the ailing RLD is most-likely to join an alliance.  Political experts say that the new option will help the small secular-parties, like RLD, rather than the SP and BSP. The Muzaffarnagar violence was the most discussed element in the recent elections. The BJP led-front had successfully utilized the opportunity to polarize the votes on the dangerous communal-terms. According to a report, the communal and cast agenda along with a development polish had served a great victory to BJP in UP in the recent Parliament elections. Last day, the JD(U) national executive suggested to develop the Grand alliance. Meanwhile, it urged the state committee to organize similar alliance for upcoming state-elections. Some prominent states, like Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Utter Pradesh, are going to face the state-election within two years. Majority of this state is ruled by the regional political parties; hence, the chance for an alliance is unavoidable. Meanwhile, the book release was attended by top political leaders. The book is written by Manoj Krishnan. The biography tells about the political struggle of a strong political leader. It covers the political life of Yadav.

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