Brussels Blasts: 35 killed, over 200 injured; Europe mourns

 Belgium and the entire Europe are observing mourning following the terrible terror attack on Brussels. Around thirty five people dead and nearly two-hundred others injured in a terror attack at Belgium’s capital city on last day. Reports say that the blasts happened in Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro train station. A rough total of three blasts jolted the city- two at the airport and one at the metro station, report added. International Medias reported as the eyewitness as saying; the airport officials were initially paralysed and after a brief confusion, they started evacuating the passengers. The videos footage indicates that the people at the metro station were also confused and petrified to an extent. Immediately after the blast, the authorities closed all the metro station. Transportation network in the country have partially collapsed after the terrible blasts. Islamic terrorist organisation, ISIS, claimed the responsibility of the attack. Meanwhile, World leaders strongly condemned the attack that happened just few months after terrible Paris carnage. French President Francois Hollande claims that the attackers hurt entire Europe by attacking Brussels. At the same time, Russians and Germans extended solidarity to the Belgium government. US President Barak Obama offered all possible support to nab the culprits and to bring them before justice. British Prime Minister David Cameron asserts that his nation will fight alongside with its colleague nation, Belgium, to tighten internal security.


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