Brussels prison strike: Government deploys military force

Aiming to curtail the growing instability in the state prisons, the Belgium government has successfully deployed nearly one hundred and eighty soldiers. As per media reports, the prison employees of various jails across the country are currently protesting against the improper staff-distribution. Anyway, the police officials and Red Cross members have already occupied the vacant spaces generated by the crisis. It is learned that the army will largely be used to assist the duos. There were reports that the jail authorities failed to provide at least basic facilities, like good meal and family visit, for the inmates. According to reports, the Brussels jails are largely becoming a comfortable incubation centre for the radicalisation. The conductive factors live overcrowding and lack of proper attention and basic facility have helped the radical elements to radicalise the moderates. A study report claims that majority of the radical elements have confronted and acquired their radical thoughts during their jail term. In order to overcome the crisis, the authorities are planning to establish extremist prisons houses to separate the extremist elements from common inmates. Anyway, it is learned that it is the first time that the military forces are bought in to bring down the crisis. Experts claim that the presence of conductive factors will help the radical elements to execute their strategy easily. By mopping out the conductive factors, we can effectively tackle the radicalisation threat, added expert. Recently, French government had decided to unveil de-radicalisation centres to bring back the radical elements and vulnerable elements to normal life.


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