Center appoints new Chief Information Commissioner

After receiving wide criticism, the Center government last day inducted R.K. Mathur as the new Chief Information Commissioner to the country. Earlier, he had served as the Defence Secretary of the country. The appointment surprised the political observers as it breaks all the conventional hierarchy of the appointment. Generally, while the center appoints a chief officer, they will consider the serving officers in the sector. However, this time, spiking all conventional methods, center selected a retired officer to the key post. Former Information commissioner retired on early last December since then the key bureaucratic position was vacant. The new government decision was announced by the Union Minister Jitendra Singh through a press conference. Minister, while announcing the decision, says that the center had selected R.K Mathur to the Chief Information Commissioner position.Critics claim that center failed to fill the key position at the right time. They added that this is a terrible case of the miss-management of the central government. Former Commissioner Vijai Sharma was an extremely efficient personality; he was often acclaimed for his caliber. After the chief position fell vacant, it seems the officers had fallen into a relaxation mood. According to the government information, around thirty thousand complaints are now pending in the section. The newly appointed officer could speed up the function of the department; as he has been granted a three year time, we could expect a miracle form the former efficient defence secretary. Reports say that PMO has directly taken special initiative to appoint a new CIC. The new appoint was made by the special committee, which is chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. R.K. Mathur is a retired IAS officer of the Tripura Cadre.

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