Cuba dilutes hard line communist polices, set to recognise private businesses

Diluting the hard line communist policy, the Communist Cuba is preparing to recognise the small and medium private businesses. With this move, the country is consciously providing opportunity to its youth population for developing a business. The latest step to legalise the small and medium scale businesses is the newest of the reformation projects executed by the Cuban supremo Raul Castro, brother of the veteran Communist legend Fidel Castro. Since he assumed the top position of the iron curtain country from his brother, Mr Raul is experimenting with the economy to strengthen the country’s crippling financial-position. But, it is learned that the hard line members of the Cuban Communist party, who hate to admit new changes, put numerous constrains before the supremo. They often criticised the top leader over his liberal policies and resisted Mr Raul’s liberal initiatives ruthlessly. Notably, Mr Raul was instrumental in developing a friendly-relation with the US, Cuba’s long-time rival. Recently, the United States government had removed the decade old embargo pasted on the Cuban government. Experts say that, the communist country may soon embrace the foreign direct investment if things are positively developing in this direction. It is said that the thirty two page dosser elucidating the country’s plan to achieve economic development was cleared in the party congress. Even now, the country’s main means of productions are governed by the state government. However, the Cuba’s move to embrace small and medium scale private businesses gives hope to private sector though it is not ensuring any specific rights to this sector.


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