Delhi police nabs JeM terrorist, averts terrible-terror attack

Delhi police on last day arrested suspected Jaish-e-Mohammed members from the National Capital Region in Delhi. As per reports, they were allegedly planning to conduct Pathankot model terrible-terrorist operation at crowded malls and air base in the national capital. Interestingly, one of the terror suspects is a dancer and a choreographer who had participated in some reality shows. Medias identified the person as Sajid Ahmed. He is suspected to be the leader of the terror outfit group arrested in Delhi.Media reported as police as saying; the militants were in the beginning stage and they were trying to learn the bomb making technique. It is learned that an accidental blast during their practice session has helped the police authorities to bust the terror plan. According to Media reports, a police officer spotted Sajid in the national capital with an unusual injury in his hand. The unusual injury evoked suspicion about the person. Subsequently, the officials started watching his activates. Later, they reportedly identified their cruel plan and nabbed the terrorists, who were inspired by Islamic State militants. Media further reported as the police as saying; they were the members of a WhatsApp group which shares radical ideologies and thoughts. It is said that the culprits got clear cut instructions from some of the terror outfits of Pakistan like Jaish-e-Mohammed. Earlier, the JeM militants have conducted a terrible-terror attack in Pathankot military base in the country. Recently, the central intelligence authority reportedly informed that some terrorist are planning to conduct terror attack across country.


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