Delhi: shopkeepers organise protest against new Waqf Lease Act

Terming the new Waqaf Lease Act as the black law, hundreds of shopkeepers organised strong protest on last day at Jantar Mantar against the same. As per report, the several shopkeepers mostly hailing from economically backward condition had participated in the program. It is said that the new law authorises the Delhi Waqf Board to cease the commercial shops, under the board, which fails to meet the lease agreement or renew the same. The organisers have managed to mobilise the small entrepreneurs across the country to strengthen the pressure group. It is learned that apart from the local shopkeepers the small entrepreneurs from neighbouring states have also participated in the demonstration organised to express the disagreement. Reports say that numerous shopkeepers who are running shops in the Waqf property in Delhi have received the eviction notice. The organisers reportedly alleged that the government is treating them like an intruder or encroacher. They added that the basic rights have been denied to the common shop keepers. They further demanded that the government should at least consider a long-term lease patter of thirty years instead of the short term packages. Meanwhile, AAP led government representative reportedly clarified that there is no violation in the rule. He added that the shopkeepers are currently spending a mere sum of five-hundred rupee for the property worth nearly fifteen to twenty thousand monthly. He further added that the long term lease patter is not applicable because it can only be given to the educational institutions.


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