Djibouti: Guelleh likely to win a fourth term as President

As per the latest pre-post poll evaluations released by some regional Medias, it is learned that Djibouti’s President Ismail Omar Guelleh is likely to grab a fourth consecutive victory in the most-controversial election held at the country recently. Media reported as the Djibouti PM as saying; the President grabbed a promising lead in the initial round of the election. Since 1999, Mr Guelleh enjoys a powerful position in the country as the Supremo of the nation. Media reported that there were mainly five strong-opponents contesting against the ruling government. But, during the course of action, three of them bought back the nomination and opted to stay out from the whole election drama. As per media reports, the opposition parties raised several allegation against the ruling government during the election campaign over the mounting police brutality cases and restrictions on freedom of press. According to experts, this horn of Africa holds a prominent geographic position near the Gulf of Aden. This French and Arabic speaking country is a home to the African regional military base of French and the United States forces. Even though the country is located near Somalia and Yemen, it is comparatively a peace-loving nation. Experts say that Mr Guelleh enjoys enormous support from the Western powers as the land is a strategical point to the military activates of the West. With this victory, the president will establish an unbreakable regime under his enormous power. Omar Elmi Kaireh, a most-prominent independence leader of the country, was the nearest opponent of the President. It seems that the hard-earned victory in this toughest situation has awarded amble confidence to the President and his party.


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