Dream City Mexico- Unique Times


Mexico is a former Spanish colony located near the United States. It reflects a diverse geographical structure with vast coastlines, deserts, hills, and forests. The country still preserves the colonial structures, which delivers a splendid beauty to the city.
In contrary to the unpleasant rumours about the terrifying drug mafia, the city is extremely impressive and peaceful.
If you are planning to visit the city this year, you should not exclude Mexico City, Merida, Huatulco, Guanajuato, and Puebla from your do-visit list.
Mexico City is a fabulous city with a colonial nostalgia, and it is much more than a normal American city. The city has a population of around twenty million people. You could see colonial-buildings in the city. Most of the old buildings were recently restored by the government.
The Aztec canals, Diego Rivera are the top tourist spot in the city. You must visit Frida Kahlo’s old studio, it will be a memorable experience. Make sure you taste the hipster dining in chic eateries of the Polanco and Condesa.
You can simply roam around the city. You will definitely find a thousand interesting sights.
Puebla is another colonial wonder. It is not that populated as Mexico City. It
needs a two hour journey from Mexico to reach this ancient city. You could choose bus or a rented car for this brief journey. There is a historical museum in the city, which exhibits Mexican artefacts.
If you are eager try a Mexican dish, Puebla will serve you ‘taco arabe’, a special local-dish made of pork served on Arabic bread.
It is a residential area. You could find a cheap accommodation in this city.
Merida offers a close look at the Mayan sites. It is often described as the real Mexico. It is a least populated city of Mexicans. It will be a best place to celebrate your week end. The less crowed city is an apt place for a day trip. The city showcases the old century cathedrals made from Mayan bricks. You must visit the fishing village of Celestun; it’s worth visiting.
Huatulco is an awesome resort village in the country. You won’t believe, if someone describes its past. Seriously, it was a fishing village. The Mexican government had successfully executed sustainable development plan in this village. The region had recently turned to a top tourist spot. The attractive beaches of Huatulco are the perfect spot for the Snorkeling, diving and surfing. You can try some adventure sports and cycling in this resort village. Make sure you visit the coffee farms before leaving the city.
Guanajuatois a famous hill town in Mexico. It is one of the safest places to celebrate the vacation. The town is always festooned with bright coloured houses. You could find some oldest Mexican cathedrals in the city. The perfect time to visit the city is late October because it is the festival month. The city organises numerous cultural programs during the Cervantino, the festival of Guanajuato. You could enjoy the ballet folklorico, punk bands, orchestras and several other Mexican cultural programs during the festival.
Mexico is a perfect place to spend a vacation. It will help to rejuvenate you soul, and will provide a young energy.
Do visit this amazing country at least once.