Ethiopia, Eritrea break Algiers peace treaty; blame each other

 Ethiopia and Eritrea has broken the UN-brokered Algiers peace agreement, and indulged in a violent fire-exchange at its borders. Though the actual details about the causality is not yet revealed, major loss is said to be suffered by the Eritrean side. Ethiopian authorities reportedly allege that Eritrea has intentionally forced violent attack on its borders in order to avert the international interference. Reports say that the human rights organisations have accused Eritrea of several human rights violation in the country. It added that it may be Eritrea’s crooked-attempt to avoid the international interference in those issues. Anyway, the actual reason for the instead provocation is not properly known at this moment. Recently, while celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the country, the Eritrean supremo had reportedly delivered provocative statement against its neighbour, Ethiopia. Subsequently, the Ethiopian authorities had retorted with harsh statements; and it lead to a series of unpleasant verbal-exchange. The two-year-long conflict ended on 2000 with an UN-brokered treaty had taken nearly eighty thousand innocent lives. Both countries had unanimously approved the peace treaty and its terms in 2000, but they failed to implement the suggestions of the border committee properly. So, some minor clashes have frequently disturbed the borders. Anyway, this is the first time a severe clash is reporting from the border. Experts say that the international authorities are considering the issue seriously; and are monitoring the development to avoid a dreaded war.


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