EU favourability declines; scepticism on rise: New Survey

While the UK is slowly nearing towards a historical referendum on Brexit, a latest survey report released by Pew Research Centre reveals that the EU favourability is rampantly decreasing across the Europe. As per media report, only a slender majority of around fifty-one percentage is backing the European Union. Interestingly, the survey pointed out that a concrete majority of at least forty-two percentage people feels power should be concentrated in their respective countries. Experts claim that the new development reflects the growing strength of the pro-Nationalism and anti-European Union movement across the Europe. Notably, in a similar survey released by an international agency, it found that Preponderance of European population opposes Brexit as they feel it would hurt the Europe’s stability and strength. The UK is set to hold the historical referendum on whether to stay in Europe of not on coming June 23. A sharp decline in the EU favorability rate is also identified in some powerful countries like Greece, France, Spain, Italy and UK. In Greece and France, majority of the population expressed anti-European Union feelings while casting their opinion. It seems that Germany, the most-stable economy of Europe, is still continuing as one of the strongest supporters of the EU even if they face some internal tension over their Pro-EU stand. According to report, citizens hailing from nearly ten different nations across Europe have expressed their opinion through the survey. However, it can be concluded in this way that June 23 would be a judgement day on the future of Europe.


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