EU to impose fine on member countries over migrant issue

It seems that the European Union is planning to put strong pressure on the member countries on migrant issue. As per Media reports, the EU has decided to impose stricter fine on those counties which refuse to accommodate asylum seekers. Earlier, in last year, the union had articulated a feasible formula on intake of migrants considering several aspects like population and economic condition. Until now, the member counties have not shown any enthusiasm to respect the formula constituted to help countries with disproportionate number of asylum seekers. It is said that the unprofessional action of the member countries have prompted the European Union to impose an unconventional strategy to pursue their cooperation. According to reports, around three lakh dollars per person will be levied from those counties which fail to intake proposed share of refugees. This amount will be given to those countries which accommodate additional number of refugees. Media reported that Britain and Denmark has already opted out from the refugee settlement and sharing. Now, some Central European countries have come forward to criticise the plan proposed by the European Union. Some rightist leaders claim that the EU is trying to blackmail the member countries. Media quoted as Slovakia’s interior minister as saying; the plan failed to confront the reality. However, the new proposal is likely to help the ailing countries like Italy and Greece which suffers the extreme migrant crisis.


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