EU urges Russia to release Ukrainian pilot Nadiya

The European Union have asked the Russian government to release Nadiya Savachenko, a Ukrainian air-force officer, reports international media. Around two-years ago, she was found missing from a conflict zone in eastern region of Ukraine. Later, it is found that she was captured by an anti-Ukrainian force; and they handed her over to Russian forces.   In contrary to the Ukrainians claims, the Russian authorities allege that the pilot had killed two Russian journalists while fighting the anti-Ukrainian force. But, the thirty four year old pilot who was a lawmaker in her country strongly denied the allegations, saying she was captured by the anti-national force hours before the incident. It is learned that she is currently observing a hunger strike and it has entered a worst stage now. The adamant Russian officials denied force-feed and medical assistance request of the defended layers. According to a report, the provoked Ukrainian lady mocked at the judge while delivering her wide up statement in the court. Media reported as Ms. Nadiya as saying; the Russian judicial system proved that the county is following fascist culture. Meanwhile, the top world leaders have demanded an immediate release of the Ukrainian parliamentarian. It is said that nearly four-thousand people including a Noble laurate have signed a petition seeking EU’s intervention in the issue. At the same time, the US strongly backed the demand and asked Russians to release all war captives of Ukraine conflict. Anyhow, Ukraine claims that nearly twenty nations are supporting the government’s war against Russian fascism. However, while speaking to an international media, Russian spokesmen reportedly reveals that the county is not willing to encourage any negotiations regarding the issue before the courts verdict. He further alleges that the foreign leaders are trying to put a pressure tactics. It is learned that Nadiya’s disrespectful behaviour in the Russian court has diminished all possibilities of a positive verdict.


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