Europe’s nuclear crisis: Germans prompts Brussels to turn off nuclear reactors

In an effort to avert the threats caused by the nuclear reactors, the German authorities demanded the Belgium government to turn off its rectors that are situated near its border. Reports say that a senior German minister, Barbara Hendricks, has demanded that Brussels should immediately turn off all the nuclear reactors. Rising security concerns have prompted the German government to demand an immediate action in the issue. It is said that Berlin is planning to shut down all the nuclear reactors in the country by 2022, citing rising security risks by the nuclear reactors. Earlier, in 2012, the concerned authorities had ceased two old nuclear reactors in Belgium after identifying some technical errors. Later, despite strong flak, Brussels has decided to reopen the old reactors. Immediately after the reopen, the German government and Netherland government strongly condemned the move. Meanwhile, still, Brussels believes that there is no need to rethink the nuclear policy of the country. In addition, the Belgium government has refused to consider the German’s arguments on security concerns raised by nuclear reactor. It is learned that an independent commission had recently informed the German authorities that the nuclear reactors situated near the Belgium-German borders are raising serious security concerns in the country. However, the German states are likely to file a case against the neighbour for ensuring safety of the people.


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