Five Stars make astounding gains in Italian local elections

As a prefect blow to the ruling centre-leftist government, the youngest political and social organisation of Italy, Five Star, advocating an instant revamp in the whole socio-political scenario of the country, has achieved astounding gains in the local election. Virginia Raggi, representing the Five Star organisation, has marked an impressive performance in the initial round of the mayoral race in Rome. As per report, she has already embraced victory before checking into the second round of the elections. Experts claim that the growth of the Five Star will be a big threat to the centre-leftist government run by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. They added that the socio-political organisation has adequate potential to emerge as a powerful front in the upcoming general elections, which is scheduled to happen on 2018. Experts further added that the Roman citizens are totally disappointed with the former administration, which saw inefficient public service and welfare sector, so the change was anticipated. If Raggi is selected to the post, she will have to face numerous constrains including corruption and debit-burden.  Meanwhile, though the Democrats have emerged as a winner in the initial phase in Turin, Chiara Appendino representing the new party has shown powerful presence. According to latest report, the second round of the local election will be held on coming Sunday. The Five Star was founded by the renowned comedian, Beppe Grillo in late 2009. Since then, the party is strongly campaigning against the corruption prevailing in the centre-left led administration. Notably, the former Roman mayor was ousted from the position for involving in a corruption scandal on last year. Anyway, it is learned that the Italian supremo is planning to revamp the country’s administration to give a new strength to the government. The corruption allegations and inefficiency have tainted the image of the centre-leftist party and the supremo.


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