France security crisis: Supremo to convene top-level meeting

French President Francois Hollande is set to convene a top level meeting with the top security officials and cabinet ministers to discuss the present security crisis. On last day, an alleged Jihadi terrorist had ploughed through a gathering, killing nearly eighty-four people. The issue has again raised serious doubts about the internal security and intelligence system of this European nation. The national emergency was in place across the country since the infamous Paris carnage that took around one-hundred and thirty innocent lives on last November. Anyway, the authorities have beefed up the security measures and launched a detailed investigation over the latest attack immediately after the incident.Moreover, the French supremo has invited ex-service men’s assistance in strengthening the country’s internal security. Though none of the Islamic radical groups has claimed the responsibility of the attack, the French ministers confirmed that the radical Islamic groups have undoubtedly influenced the attacker. The International Medias identified the attacker as a thirty-one-year-old French-Tunisian citizen, Mohammed Lahouaiej-Bouhel. The attacker was later shot to death by the police authorities. He reportedly rolled the truck around two kilometres before committing the crime.   Meanwhile, the neighbours of the attacker reportedly informed the authorities that the attacker was a silent man. Notably, it is said that the intelligence agencies only know him as a petty criminal. The world leaders have expressed condolence over the fatal attack and extended all possible support to the ailing European nation. France was celebrating a public holiday on last day. Around thirty thousand people were present in the location near Nice, where the incident happened.


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