Greece parliament clears ‘unpopular’ tax and pension reformation bill

In a bid to save the ailing economy of Greece, the government has cleared a tax and pension reformation bill in the parliament. As the Eurozone financial ministers are expected to convene a meeting to deliberate on the financial crisis on Today, the reformation bill carries adequate prominence. As per reports, with this development the government can save more funds for paying the loan instalments. Meanwhile, the country witnessed strong protest against the unpopular bill. International agencies reported that the protesters demonstrated strong protest at Athens. In some occasions, the demonstrations went a little bit violent but the protest was largely peaceful, report added. It is said that the protesters reportedly thrown petrol bombs on the police officers. In return, the police officials reportedly used tear gases.

The leftist parties strongly opposed the government’s reformation bill and claims that the government has intentionally distorted the pension system of the country. It is learned that just before the commencement of voting session on the bill, the communist leader, Dimitris Koutsoubas, announced that his party strongly opposes the bill and will show their disinterest in voting process. Anyway, Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras assures that his government is obliged to establish a feasible welfare system. He reportedly asserts that the new pension reform will only affect around seven percent of the total beneficiary. However, the Greece government is planning to reduce the public spending to meet the growing financial requirements.



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