Haiti again slips into power vacuum

The costal Caribbean country, Haiti, again slipped into the power vacuum after the lapse of the mandate period graded to the interim supremo by the Parliament. In an official statement released by the government authorities, it requested the Haitian citizens to stay calm until the authorities find an applicable solution to the present crisis. Mr Jocelerme Privert, former interim President, was sown into the top position on last February for a brief period. He took the helm of the power from the tainted President Michel Martelly, who was forced to resign without proper successor after he failed to achieve a concrete majority in the elections. Immediately after the last general elections, a political uncertainty developed in the country with national-wide protest and demonstrations. The opposition parties ignited the whole scenario with the allegations ranging from electoral malpractice to official corruption. Meanwhile, the international communities advocate for a, free and fair, general elections immediately to avert further complications. An investigative commission has reportedly admitted that the last general election had witnessed wide corruption and electoral malpractice. It advised the authorities to ditch the former result and go for a fresh election in the Caribbean country.However, it seems that the vacuum created in the top, decision making, position would make negative impact on the governance in the near future.It could make the country vulnerable to corruption, inefficiency, economic instability and, even, internal conflicts.


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