Hurricane Earl batters Belize

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Belize has been badly affected by the Hurricane Earl, prompting it to evacuate nearly four-hundred people from their vulnerable areas. The Hurricane Earl is expected to cause heavy rainfall, violent wind and thunderstorms across the country.  The weather assessment report published by an International agency predicts that the hurricane can blow at a speed of nearly one-hundred and twenty kilometres per hour. The regional authorities advise that the people should take shelter of higher areas and storm homes to avoid danger. The international airport, national parks, tourist centres, and archaeological centres have been closed by the authorities. Meanwhile, some weather report forecasted that the intensity of the storm would reduce considerably when it enters the mainland. But, they are not completely spiking out the possibility of heavy rain, thunderstorms, floods and landslides.    Declaring a national wide alert, the government authorities announced that the storm may cause serious damage to houses and other properties. The people were also warned of frequent power cuts and trees being blown down. Through Belize, the storm is expected to move into Guatemala and then to Mexico. Media reports say that nearly nine people were killed and several others injured in the Dominican Republic as the violent storm passed through it. Belize is situated on the eastern coast of Central America. It is known for its beaches and dense forest.


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