IT employees free to join trade unions: Tamil Nadu


In a revolutionary statement that possesses adequate potential to turn the future of the IT industry of our country, the Tamil Nadu government declared that the employees working in the IT sector are free to form trade unions. While giving clarification to their move, the government gave emphasise on the fact that the Information Technology industries are not omitted from the armpit of the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947. As per report, the clear clarification regarding the matter is given by Principle Secretory Kumar Jayant. He was reportedly responding to a petition filed by the India’s first trade union of IT employees, New Democratic Labour Front. Earlier, there were reports that the new generation employments like IT jobs and tech-related jobs are not getting any benefits of the labour protection acts. Exploiting the unorganised behaviour of these sectors, some employers have been practising illegal hearing and firing practices along with other discriminatory activates for the past thirty years, alleges NDLF. Recently, Tata Consultancy Service had dismissed nearly twenty-five thousand employees mercilessly. Protesting the move, NDLF strongly expressed their dissatisfaction and organised several demonstrations and strikes. A complaint regarding the illegal action of the company had been filed in the labour department by the NDLF members on last year. Furthermore, a PIL has been filed in the Madras High Court as the complaint failed to receive proper response. It is learned that the timely interference of the newly-developed trade union has contributed proper solution to the ailing IT-employees.


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