Kejriwal fails to shield MLAs; at least 21 lawmakers may face disqualification

Around twenty one lawmakers of the AAP-led Delhi Government is likely to face disqualification as the President had refused to extent his assent to the ‘Delhi Members of Legislature Assembly (Removal of Disqualification) (Amentment) Bill 2015’ on last day. Earlier, the Delhi government had appointed twenty one parliamentary secretaries to the seven ministries under the government. As per law, the government can only appoint one parliament secretory. Law suggests that he should assist the Chief Minister in his day to day government affairs. In the present scenario, the government selected the parliament secretaries from among their lawmakers. By doing so, it has acted against another prominent law, which prohibits the lawmakers from holding two government offices. In order to avoid the disqualification of its MLAs, the AAP government had amended the ‘removal of disqualification’ bill on last year. Rashtriya Mukti Morcha, in a PIL petition to the Delhi HC, alleged that around twenty-one AAP law makers are enjoying the perk of holding two government positions. It added that the AAP government is only allowed to designate seven person to the ministerial position but now nearly twenty-one people is unlawfully enjoying the position with the consent of the AAP government and the CM. Denouncing the allegation, the AAP retorted that their legislators are delivering selfless service to the people. It accused the BJP led central government for creating unnecessary constraints on their government activates.


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