King of Morocco strongly condemns IS

 The King of Morocco, Mohammed, has strongly condemned the Islamic State and their activities. He reportedly urged the Moroccans who are living abroad to defend all form of aggressive Islamism. It is the first such kind of strong statement from an internationally acclaimed leader since the recent attack in European by the Islamic extremist groups, like Islamic State. It is learned that some Moroccan origin militants were implicated in the cases related to the recent terror attack. The king strongly condemns the murder of the innocent people. Pointing out an incident related to the murder of a religious priest, he announces that the Islamic religious documents forbid their believers from killing a religious priest. Recently, the, so called, IS supporters had killed a priest during a mass at the church. The incident has triggered worldwide uproar against the Islamic militants and their inhuman activities. Now, the Moroccan king, one of the powerful Muslim leaders of the present world, strongly announces that killing a human for his different religious belief is an unforgivable madness. As per the report, at least two of the Islamic State supporters who were killed in the aftermath of the Paris attack were Moroccan origins. Moreover, the report added that around three of the militants who attacked Brussels were also Moroccan origins. However, while making a strong public appeal, the king opined that those people who commit crimes in the name of Muslim are not Muslims.


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