Lok Sabha: Rahul criticises Modi regime with ‘fine-tuned’ oration skills

It seems that Rahul Gandhi, the Vice-President of the grand old party, has secured a remarkable improvement in his oration and speech skills. The Congress scion’s talent was largely evident in his much-awaited speech in Lok Sabha on last day. With his improved skill, he perfectly elevated himself as a great critic of Modi regime in the house. Last day, he had tactically evaded the interruptions of the ruling members and presented his point wisely and clearly with a humour filled mannerism. To prove that there is no difference in Congress’s economic policies and the BJP’s polices, he pointed out the MGNREGA scheme and said that in some point of time he felt that P Chidamabaram, former Finance minister of UPA government, is presenting the budget. Presenting himself as a people’s leader, he claims that he is not a member of any fascist system so he listens to people for understanding problems of the society. Interestingly, at one point of the well delivered speech, he childishly asked Union minister Jayant Sinha to thump the desk if he likes his speech. By doing so, he ensued that he is not losing attention of any section of the house including the ruling members. Experts say that even though he used a written speech pad to express the points, he rightly emphasised the words and possessed an incomparable voice-modulation skill. In his thirty one minute speech, he effectively touched each and every issue from unemployment to Rohith Vemula.


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