Maneka Gandhi unveils juvenile ‘draft model rule’; no FIR for petty crimes

Several months after the clearance of the controversial Juvenile Justice rule that removed the constrictions to trial the juvenile offenders above 16-year-age under adult laws for serious crimes like rape and murder, the Union women and child development minister, Maneka Gandhi, has unveiled the ‘draft model rule’ of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015. Notably, the law curtails the police authorities from registering FIR against the juvenile offenders in petty offences. The most-discussed Juvenile Justice bill was cleared by the parliament on late last year, igniting heated debates across the country. It is learned that the newly developed draft will be a portion of the former bill cleared by parliament followed by intense public outcry after the Delhi rape case. Except rape, murder and severe crimes, all other offences must be handled by the special Juvenile police, clarifies new report. The new draft makes it mandatory that no child offender should be put in a jail with an adult offender. Meanwhile, the draft law insists that the authorities must provide proper medical and legal assistance to all child offenders, and their guardians must be informed properly after a child offender is arrested. It is said that here after the Juvenile Justice Board will closely monitor each stage of the rehabilitation of a child offender. As per report, the draft provided proper provision for speedy trial and investigation of the Juvenile crimes. However, the newly developed draft has efficiently included some new laws to tackle the threats arising from rising crimes against children like drug abuse, child labour, trafficking and many more.


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