Massive protest erupts in Brazil demanding President’s resignation

Amidst severe financial crisis, Brazil on last day had been jolted by a massive protest, which demanded immediate resignation of its Supremo Dilma Rousseff. The agitators reportedly allege that the country is extremely tainted by the corrupt practices exercised by the ruling, so called, pro-workers government. Recently, opposition parties claimed that the government is inefficient to bring down the economic deficit and the country is rampantly marching towards a dangerous economic crisis. They reportedly alleged that the President tried to hide the financial deficit details and misrepresented the facts in the parliament. It is learned that the opposition strongly suspects the involvement of the country’s chief and former chief in the corruption scandals that triggered a massive outcry recently.According to the information, during Ms Rousseff’s tenure as the chief of country-run oil conglomerate Petrobras, the contactors illegally earned massive benefits from the company.However, she denies the allegations levelled against her by the opposition parties.Anyway, the opponents hope that the agitation will prompt the leader to stepdown from the top post.As per the latest media reports, the demonstrations are continuously happening across the country demanding the resignation.It is said that the President is not at all willing to surrender before the pressure group’s gimmicks. She may try his fortune in the parliament by opposing impeachment move.Ms Rousseff is not only the President of Brazil but also she is the leader of the Workers Party which enjoys a prominent support in the country. Reports say that her party is strongly supporting their leader.Meanwhile, the former supremo of the country, Luiz Lula da Silva, also denied the allegations and claims that they are politically motivated.


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