Operation Sankat Mochan: IAF evacuates around 156 Indians from South Sudan

Indian Airforce has successfully evacuated nearly one-hundred and fifty-six people, including ten women, three infants and around one-hundred and forty-three men, from the war-distorted South Sudan. Media reported that two Nepal citizens were also included in the rescued group. It took around thirty long hours to complete the high-risk operation. External Affairs ministry congratulated the IAF for carrying out the complicated operation within a short period. The IAF’s cargo flight, C-17, left to the war-land on Thursday morning, and returned with the stranded Indians on last day. At the behest of the Prime Minister and cabinet, the former Army general and deputy minister of the state of External Affairs, VK Singh, took the helm of the whole rescue operation. It was under the direct guidance and support of the External Affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj, the entire rescue process operated. Notably, Union Minister VK Singh has travelled along with the Indian Airforce team to the war-shattered country to monitor the rescue process personally. Meanwhile, it is learned that around three hundred Indians have opted to stay back in Juba expecting that the warring groups would soon reach a ceasefire treaty providing a happy ending to all miseries. The report confirmed that those who opted to stay back are mostly concerned about their business or money. It is said that the Ugandan government and South Sudan government have extended helping hand to us. On the way back to India, the rescue team, presided by Minister General VK Singh, stopped to meet Ugandan supremo to express our thankfulness. Experts say that the external affairs ministry showed extraordinary coordination and determination throughout this operation. They added that IAF has done its best to materialise the plan constituted by the central government within best possible time.


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