Petrobras issue continues to stir Brazil; another minister resigns

The Minister on anti-corruption of the newly-appointed Brazil government, Fabiano Silveira, has given his resignation after facing wide outrage. The critics allege that Mr Silveira has tactically tried to foil an investigation over the infamous Petrobras case. He used his power and position to influence the investigators, added critics. Earlier, another minister of the interim government had resigned from his office because of similar allegations. Meanwhile, Mr Silveria clarifies that his comments on the issue were misinterpreted to accuse baseless allegation on him. Recently, Dilma Rousseff, the former supremo of Brazil, had had to give her resignation when she lost the confidence of the senate. Apart from the former supremo, several top leaders, conglomerates and executives fear trial on the infamous Petrobras case, says report. It is said that several top politicians, who are still working in the new government, have direct involvement in the Petrobras corruption case. The interim supremo, Michel Temer, took the helm of the tainted government from Dilma to provide a positive hope to the nation. And, he reportedly promised an undisrupted and unbiased investigation on the Petrobras corruption case. But, the new developments prove that he has failed to keep his word, says expert. Notably, the recently resigned ministers enjoyed enormous support and influence in the newly formed ministry. It seems that the issue will invite another turmoil in the country, which is aggressively gearing up to host the prestigious Olympic on this year.


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