Pro-Khalistan activists run militant camp in Canada, plans attack on Punjab

In a shocking revelation about the pro-Khalistan activities, the Indian Intelligence agency revealed that some Khalistan militant activists are running a militant training camp in Canada, and is planning to conduct an attack on Punjab. As per report, a baptised Canadian citizen, Hardeep Nijjar, who took the helm of the Khalistan Terror Force after the arrest of Jagtar Tara, former KTF leader, is the master mind behind the terror activities. Punjab intelligence sources reportedly identified that Nijjar along with his group have already started training activities to attack the region. The Punjab authorities have reportedly submitted a investigative report to the central government demanding necessary action for immediate extradition of Nijjar. It is learned that Nijjar is the prime suspect of Shingaar cinema blast case and is a proclaimed criminal in the state of Punjab. In order to attain immediate attention, the intelligence agency consciously emphasised the infamous Pathankot attack to convey the seriousness of the issue. It is said that the pro-Khalistan members have acquired advanced weapon training from Pakistan, and are trying to purchase the latest arms from the Pak-terror groups and smuggle it to India through disturbed borders. In the report, the agencies claimed that the strengthened border security measures after the terror attack in the Airforce camp has foiled the militants plan to smuggle weapons. According to the media report, the intelligence agencies secured the vital information about the plan from Mandeep Singh, a suspected terrorist member, who was recently arrested from Ludhiana. Report added that Mandeep has contacted some top separatist leaders and Pakistan terror leaders after he reached the country.


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