Rare scorpion love: Yadgir worship scorpion goddess on Naga Panchami

zodiac_sign_of_scorpio_by_sergem73-d37p3fqWe all know scorpion is a venomous creature. We may have several times comforted these scorpions with a fearful face. It can neither be categorised as a common creature nor as a rare creature, but it is capable in evoking fear in us. Here, in Kandkoor village of Karnataka, the things are very different. For them, the scorpion is not a dangerous creature but a holy creature. They worship this eight-legged creature and even give special offerings to their scorpion goddess. During Naga Panchami, when thousands of villages across the country give special offerings to their snake goddess, the Kandkoor villages provide offerings to their scorpion goddess along with the snake goddess.

Every year, on the same day, they reach this mountain temple in their village to perform certain rituals. They sing some folk songs and even let scorpions crawl through their body as a part of their holy rituals. Notably, we cannot found such scorpions near the temple on any other day. More interestingly, there have been no cases of devotees being stung by these scorpions during their festival ceremonies.

We know our country’s rural regions are filled with such kind of superstitious beliefs and ceremonies. Many times, even scientists failed in delivering a clear explanation about certain beliefs. Anyway, this scorpion love is spreading live a wildfire. Now, in addition to the local devotees, this scorpion temple has thousands of devotees from the neighbouring states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


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