Rwanda genocide suspect surrenders before UN court

Ladislas Ntaganzwa, one of the prime suspects in the brutal Rwanda genocide, has surrendered before the UN trial court. Currently, he is the citizen of Democratic Republic of Congo. Recently, the fifty three year old culprit had been arrested by the Congo government in early December. According to reports, the Rwanda prosecution accused him of committing brutal crimes during the infamous genocide. As per the report, Ladislas had helped the Hutu militia to attack Tustis community members in early 1994. It is said that nearly eight lakh people, mostly Tutsis members and moderate Hutu members, were brutally slaughtered by the Hutu community members in Rwanda in 1994 civil war. In a report published by US agencies, it identified that Ladislas is the main perpetrator of the brutal crimes. Subsequently, the US agencies offered a huge reward for arresting this prime culprit. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda found that Ladislas himself killed nearly twenty thousand Tutsis members. It further asserts that he directly participated in organising the brutal massacre that jolted the African continent in early 1994. The court reportedly identified his involvement in mass-rape crimes and such similar crimes. The defendant lawyer was immediately unavailable for the statement. Anyhow, the culprit’s involvement in the crime is undisputedly proven. Several human rights organisations expressed their happiness in the new development in the genocide trial. It is said that the ICTR court has convicted around sixty one people in the Rwanda genocide case until now.


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