SC demands ‘feasible policy’ on ‘rape victim rehabilitation’

 While hearing a petition filed after the infamous ‘Delhi gang rape case’, a Supreme Court bench headed by Justice P C Pant directed that the central government should create a feasible policy to rehabilitate the rape victims. The court reportedly identified that the authorities are not using the ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ for the designated purpose properly. Early in 2013, the then UPA-led central government had earmarked nearly thousand crore rupee to ensure the safety of the women of our country and to protect the dignity of women in the society. Thereafter, the succeeding budgets have extensively contributed in turning the fund into a bigger one. But, in fact, preponderance of the fund was largely unused or unsystematically distributed among victims. It is learned that the court sought information about the compensation policies and other compensation details from the centre government. The centre government is reportedly asked to submit the complete details within six weeks. The court identified that there is a lack of uniformity in the ‘rape-victim’ compensation plan in the country. Meanwhile, Indira Jaising, senior advocate, amicus curiae of this case, informed the court that the states are not efficiently following the compensation directives. She reportedly added that the states acted reluctance to provide information about the one-stop centres, which are supposed to be constituted in each district to ensure the safety and welfare of women. From Jaising’s shocking revelation, it is found that there are many states which are, still, least bothered about the welfare and safety of the women.


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