South African company MTN helps Boko Haram: alleges Nigerian President

Nigerian supremo Muhammadu Buhari on last day strongly criticised South African telecom conglomerate, MTN, for virtually promoting Boko Haram. The president, in a meeting, on last day revealed that even after repeated orders the telecom company had not disconnected unregistered mobile connections. Mr. President added that by doing so the company is intentionally or unintentionally aiding the Muslim militant organisations like Boko Haram. According to information released by the African country, the militants widely used the unregistered connections to coordinate their extremist activities against Nigeria. Notably, while the president was delivering a rough command against a South African company, its supremo Jacob Zuma was there in Nigeria for a brief visit. It is learned that the unpleasant word war has ruined the possibilities of a productive talk between two African giants. Earlier, the Nigerian government had imposed a huge fine on MTN for disobeying the government’s order. As a result of that the conglomerate had initially tried to file a law suit against the countries government, but later it backed from the move and agreed to pay the fine. According to the reports, reasonable relaxations in the fine-repayment have been provided to the company after detailed deliberation. MTN, a South African conglomerate, has nearly two-hundred and thirty one million customers across Africa. Without much surprise, Nigerians have become one of biggest group in the customer list. It is learned that the company fears that it would loss a major market if they act adamant on the registration process. Boko Haram is a brutal Islamic terror outfit; it has killed nearly thousands of innocent citizens of Nigeria.  However, Mr. President asserts that his regime has successfully curtailed the Boko threat.


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