Spain calls for re-elections; voters set to vote on June 26

Only six month after the general elections, the Spanish voters are going to face another election on June 26. There are around four prominent political parties in the state. They are Popular Party, Socialists, Podemos, and Ciudadanos. Earlier, none of the political parties have attained a promising majority to establish a government in the state. Though Popular Party has performed a better performance, they could not attain a vote share to deliver a promising majority in the parliament. So, after a brief uncertainly, King Felipe VI has consciously decided to conduct the re-election in the country. It is learned that it is the first time in the history of the country that the authorities are considering a possibility of repeat elections. Meanwhile, the survey reports predict that there will not be a major fluctuation in terms of vote share. Anyway, the political parties express hope in the upcoming elections. They assert that they can prove their strength and relevance in the election. Currently, Popular Party’s Mariano Rajoy is functioning as the acting Prime Minister of the country. Earlier, Socialists made an attempt to hijack the power with the help of the Ciudadanos. But, unfortunately, they failed to demonstrate their strength in the parliament. Interestingly, Podemos did not support any political party and declined to enter a collision government. It is learned that Socialists are currently eyeing to gain the support of radical leftist parties to prove their strength.


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