Spain welcomes new political ideologies: pre-poll survey

A pre-poll survey reveals that the Spaniards will choose a new alternative other than the two-routine political options as the country is undergoing a parliament election.  Currently, the country is facing the major employment-crisis. Report says that around 21% of the country’s population is jobless. Media reported that, the youth-population is totally unsatisfied by the traditional political-options, which is serving less-good to the youth. The mounting corruption is the most discussed issue in the landmark election, which is expected to serve a new promising regime. Political experts claim that the corruption had badly tainted the country’s ruling government. They added that the government is facing a strong anti-incumbency and it would reflect in the polls. The country’s political scenario is majorly dominated by the Popular Party and the Socialists. Unfortunately, the country was simply subjected to a political rotation after each election. It had not provided an amble space for a new ideology or party. Experts claim that this traditional rotation-process is blanketing the corruption and un-accountability of the ruling governments. Media reported that the most-favorable situation is being utilized by the two new-political parties, which is promising a new alternative other than the traditional rotation. The new parties –the capitalistic Ciudadanos party and the leftist Pondemos party- has attracted the voters with their anti-corruption vow and the job promises. However, the ruling party last day had opened all gates for an alliance to defeat the leftist.

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