Suu Kyi asks MP’s to attend a crash course on Parliamentary affairs

To improve the performance of the MP’s in the military drafted constitution, Myanmar’s NLD party leader, Aug San Suu Kyi is planning to send her party MP’s to a Parliamentary affairs crash course. In the Recent parliament election, the Suu Kyi led National League of Democracy have marked a splendid victory. The new political development has uprooted the decade-long military rule in the country. Eventhough the party has secured a promising majority; they could not change or alter the military implemented regulation and structure. The party secured around four-hundred seats in the elections, but majority of them are inexperienced lawmakers. The new military-constitution will aggravate the present crises. As a tactical step to evade this set-back, the party has developed this strategical approach of crash course .Reports say that the course would provide brief information about the basic parliament functions and the new military constitution.  While responding to the Media query, a NLD spokesperson claims that the new lawmakers should know all the parliament functions. And he added that it will help to improve the parliament proceedings. The new batch of law makers is set to enter the parliament on coming February. A political expert admits that the lawmakers may be efficient in the political affairs, but they need to be educated about the parliamentary affairs.   Amidst the uncertainty regarding the Suu Kyi’s leadership, the NLD party is set to jolt the military parliament with their democratic voice.

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