Tamil Nadu opposes Goods and Services Tax bill

 While meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa had expressed the state’s concerns over the centre-sponsored ‘GST bill’ on last day. In a long demand dosser submitted to the supremo, the TN CM has included nearly twenty-nine subjects requiring immediate attention and deliberation. Incidentally, on the same day, the Central Finance Minister Arun Jaitly convened a meeting of the federal finance ministers to deliberate the proposed bill. Notably, the meeting witnessed a large turn out with around twenty-two attendees from different regional states. It is learned that the Tamil Nadu government believes the bill will negatively affect the financial autonomy of the industrial state. The Tamil Nadu government has reportedly suggested numerous amendments on the bill including the exclusion of the petroleum products from the armpit of GST bill. Earlier also, the Dravidian state had expressed similar demands during the previous meetings with the central representatives. Meanwhile, the Central FM asserts that the centre has secured support from preponderance of the federal representatives. Anyway, he admits that the Tamil Nadu has pointed several concerns. But, he assures that the central will incorporate all the possible suggestions. The Lok Sabha has already passed the bill. Subsequently, it has been forwarded to the upper house for consideration. But, the centre is failing to pass the bill properly in Rajya Sabha due to strong opposition from the prime opponent, Congress party, which enjoys a strong hand in the upper house. However, it is expected to be cleared soon, and a proper implementation of the proposal will give a revolutionary revamp to the economic sector of our country.


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