Terrorism is anti-religious; diversity is beautiful feature of country: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on last day termed the terrorism as anti-religious, saying it wrongly interprets religious teachings to misguide the youth population.  PM Modi enthusiastically lauded Sufism and Islamism as some of the beautiful religion which gives large contributions on the peace and humanism. Meanwhile, he claims that our country can accommodate all religious diversities including atheists and micro-minorities like Jainism and Parse. He was speaking at the World Sufi Forum, which was organised by AIUMB, on last day when he delivered these minority friendly comments. Meanwhile, AIUMB supremo used the opportunity to discuss his concerns over religious security and he pleaded PM’s timely intervention to ensure the religious freedom and security. Interestingly, PM’s comment on the religious minorities and beauty of diversity came in the wake of oppositions criticising him of observing silence in the intolerance debate. It is learned that PM’s promising words on minority security and freedom renovates the tainted picture of state’s diversity. It is said that our country is spending a large chunk of money on national security and counter-terrorism measures. Notably, our supremo discussed about the peoples in the war-affected area and elucidated their miserable living conditions. In his concluding words, he asserts that Islamism is the religion of peace and Sufism is its biggest contribution.


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