TN to articulate a policy to safeguard children’s rights  


In a bid to ensure the safety of the children, the Tamil Nadu government is set to articulate a state policy to protect the rights of children. TN’s Child Rights commission has submitted a detailed dosser to the TN government that carries suggestions regarding the effective implementation of the plan. It is learned that the policy will come into effect within few months. The details regarding the policy were announced on last day by a senior official of TN’s Child Rights commission. It is learned that Karnataka and Goa have similar policy to ensure the protection of child in the state. It is found that the policies, which were implemented in the neighbouring states by the respective state governments, were highly successful to an extent. As per reports, the TN government will articulate an implementable policy which could deliver an effective solution, by considering state’s conditions. And, TN will also take into account the National policy while formulating the state’s plan, report added. Meanwhile, the TN’s Child Rights commission has advised the state government that it should cancel recognition of nearly seven hundred and sixty four schools for ignoring basic safety measures. Earlier, Rights authorities found that nearly seven hundred and sixty four schools in the state were not properly following basic safety measures required to ensure safety of children in school. Media reported as a Child Rights committee member of the state as saying; we could not compromise on the children’s protection. Inadequate safety measures and infrastructure facilities will bring big disasters, he reportedly added. At the same time, the Child Rights committee observed that the students are not properly getting the benefits of the mobile counselling van project which is constituted to bring down stress, other problems and suicide tendencies among students.



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