Turkey government detains journalists, academic

The autocratic Turkish government has arrested two renowned journalists and an academic, in a latest case of oppressive action against the advocates of the democracy and press freedom. Report say that a member of ‘Reporters Without Borders’ were also among the arrestees. Media identified the RSF member as Erol Onderoglu. RSF spokesperson strongly condemned the action, saying the press freedom in Turkey is declining at an alarming rate. The new, aggressive, move of the Turk government proves that they are least bothered about the recommendations and directions of European Union and its member countries. Earlier, the EU has given strict directions to the Arab autocratic country on the ‘code of conduct’ and press freedom. Meanwhile, while giving clarifications to the move, the dictatorial government has alleged that the arrestees have extended support to a program organised to push solidarity to a pro-Kurdish news-daily, Ozgur Gundem. Turkey is presently distorted by the civil war; their security forces are fighting against Kurdistan Workers Party in its south-east provinces, where the party enjoys enormous support from the indigenous ‘Kurdish community members’. Earlier, the merciless-administration led by the Turkish President, dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogon, has arrested numerous journalist and academics over similar charges. It is said that the dictator is trying to oppress the marginalised community and democratic activists in a ruthless manner. RSF calls this day as a dark day of the press freedom in the country. It is learned that RSF is trying to mobilise democrats across the world to ascertain press freedom in every ‘nook and corner’ of the globe.


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