UEFA Euro 2016: France intensifies security measures ahead of Lille matches

As England and Russian football fans are likely to meet at Lille to witness their team’s matches, the France government and the organizers, UEFA, are expected to strengthen the security measures to avert any possible violent confrontation between the duos. Earlier, on last week, over thirty-five people were injured when an unexpected violent-confrontation suddenly broke out between the England and Russian fans during the Marseille match. Reports say that over eight people- six England citizens and two Russians- were arrested by the France police in connection with the violence. The prosecution reportedly alleged that the Russian fans were responsible for the planned violence. It added that over one-hundred and fifty trained Russian hooligans have intentionally tried to create a violent situation. It further added that these criminals have tactically managed to elude the security officials and the police force after the crime. It is learned that an independent disciplinary committee has recommended strong action against the Russian team. However, the organisers have warned both teams of severe consequences including disqualification if their fans continue to behave in this way. Meanwhile, the England Football Association has expressed serious concerned about the security of their fans and players, who are about to reach Lille this week. The England team will face Wales in their upcoming match at Lille, while the Russian players will test their fortune against Slovakia in the same venue. Intensifying the concerns over the possibility of violence, both matches are scheduled in the same week; the former on Tuesday and the latter on Wednesday respectively.


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