UGC finally accepts teacher’s demands

 The University Grants Commission has finally accepted the demands of the teachers after a brief period of uncertainty. Recently, the education regulator had made some concreate changes in the Academic Performance Index. But, the move invited wide criticism from the teaching faculties and trainee faculties across the country. According to report, they felt that the government’s move to amend API would affect their rights and benefits. Subsequently, they organised a national wide protect to express their grievance, and to press for its immediate redressal. Now, after a brief tug-of-war, the government finally gave in to teachers demands by amending its directives regarding the API. As per information, the Academic Performance Index is a mandatory requirement for higher educational institutions while considering the selection and promotion procedure.Now onwards, there will be no specific changes in the working hours and work load of the teaching faculty. So, it is learned that the assistant faculties would have to world for nearly sixteen working hours per week; and the permanent faculty like associate professors or senior professors would have to work for nearly fourteen working hours per week. Anyway, the UGC stayed firm with the provision that allows the students to evaluate their teacher’s performance. With this liberal move, the authorities are virtually assuring that the government would not take any stick actions to heart the rights and benefits of the teaching faculties.


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