Ukraine places soldiers on high-alert

The Ukrainian military forces have been placed on high-alert by the government authorities in order to defend all possible aggressive incursions from the Russian side. The country’s Crimea region is already under high-turbulence since it was unlawfully occupied in early 2014 by the Russian forces. The Russian-backed rebel forces are also fighting against Ukraine in several rebel strongholds across the Russian borders and the country’s eastern regions. Recently, the Russian envoy alleged that the Ukraine forces have committed an armed incursion into the disputed land, Crimea. It is an allegation that the Ukraine government and military forces unanimously denied. Alleging that the Russian forces are creating unnecessary tensions across the Russian-Ukraine borders, the Ukraine envoy urged the Russian envoy to present some concrete evidence in order to back up their arguments over the Ukrainian troops. While speaking with the media personals, a top security official of Ukraine claimed that the authorities have directed the officials to put the security forces on high alert because of increasing tension across the eastern regions and the Russian-Ukrainian borders, particularly in Crimea region. Experts say that there is a need to strengthen the internal security measures of Ukraine along with its border security measures as the country prepares to celebrate its twenty-fifth independence day on twenty-sixth of this month. Meanwhile, experts added that as the Russian government plans to conduct the general election on next month it would have to solve the issue as soon as possible.


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