Ukrainian ‘firebrand leader’ Nadiya freed from Russian prison

In a rare prisoner swap, Nadiya Savchenko, the Ukrainian firebrand political leader and soldier, who was sentenced to around twenty-two year rigorous imprisonment in Russian, was freed from the jail on last day. As per report, a Russian court had recently found her guilty of killing two Russian journalists in the eastern Ukrainian region and imposed a long imprisonment. But, she strongly defended the allegations throughout the trial and disagreed to cooperate with the trial procedures, saying she was falsely implicated in the crime. She claimed that she was illegally kidnaped by pro-Russian forces and handed her to Russian military authorities. After the official declaration of the arrest of the Ukrainian leader, a strong outcry had suddenly raised across the world particularly in the western world and Ukraine demanding immediate release of Nadiya. It is said that the rampant external pressure has put the Putin-led Russian government in a defenceless state. It is learned that the external pressure has prompted the Putin’s government to grand pardon to Nadiya in exchange of a west-brokered ‘prison swap deal’. As per report, the Russian supremo consulted the relatives of the deceased Russian journalists before agreeing to sign the deal. Meanwhile, Ukrainian president Poroshenko tweeted that the Hero of the Ukraine, Nadiya, has arrived in Presidential plain. While speaking to the reporters at the airport, Nadiya asserts that she is ready to fight again in the battlefield for her country. Interestingly, the Ukrainian supremo personally thanked the west world, particularly Germany, Franca and the US, and its leaders for supporting the country. While speaking at a joint conference with Mr Poroshenko, Nadiya thanked her family members and the Ukrainians for supporting her and expressed her solidarity with all ailing Ukrainian prisoners in Russia. However, she is planning to develop a target plan to free all Ukrainian prisoners in Ukraine’s pro-Russian region and Russia.


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