UN acknowledges role in Haiti’s cholera outbreak

The United Nations has at last admitted that it mistakenly contributed a triggering factor for the cholera outbreak of 2010 in Haiti. Over ten-thousand people had been killed and several others left completely drained by the deadly outbreak of the fatal disease. Recently, a case study report released by some of the reputed scientists revealed that the Nepalese UN troops were the source of the deadly disease. The scientist reportedly confirmed that a leaking sewage pipe at a UN base is the main reason for the sudden outbreak of the disease in 2010. It is learned that it was enough for a country like Haiti, which does not possess a proper sewage system, to embrace the bacterial infection quickly. But, earlier, the UN officials strongly denounced all allegations raised against their establishments in Haiti. Now, the concrete evidence discovered by the scientists has left the International organisation in a defenceless state. The confidential information about the internal report presented by the scientists was initially published by the New York Times. Last day, a top UN official admitted that the organisation should do something regarding its involvement in the unfortunate incident. Earlier, the US court mercilessly dismissed a petition submitted by the victims seeking compensation from the UN authorities. The cholera is one of the fatal waterborne diseases. Once the bacteria entered the water cycle, it is extremely difficult to stop the bacteria from being rapidly transmitted.


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