UN representatives make a surprise visit to Libya

Offering enormous support to the new, so called, puppet government in Libya, the two prominent representatives of United Nations have made a surprise visit to the war distorted country. Since the toppling of Gaddafi government in late 2011, the country is facing terrible political uncertainties. Till last month, the country had not had any responsible administration; and majority of its region was ruled by a militants group. Reports say that the Islam State backed militant groups have established a strong administrative centre in Tripoli. It is learned that the Western powers have constituted a Government of National Accord in Libya and appointed Fayez Sarraj as the head of the administration. With the establishment of a new administration, the United Nations hopes the new, west backed, administrative group can re-establish peace in the region and it will unite the county and defend militants. Earlier, in 2011, a rebellion revolution had toppled the Gaddafi’s government with the help of western forces, like Nato. Recently, US President Barak Obama had reportedly admitted that his decision to derail the Gaddafi’s government in Libya was a big mistake from his part. However, it is said that the representatives of UN have offered all possible support to the newly established government. In addition, they pledged to train the Libyan security forces to defend the country effectively.Anyway, presently the new government have constituted a temporary administrative headquarters in the Tripoli naval base.


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