Unconventional peace initiative: Fifa offered a job to Burundi Prez   

In a typical example of an unconventional settlement to a challenging crisis, Burundian President was offered a job in FIFA to re-establish peace in the country. The rumours regarding the controversial offer were recently confirmed by the ex-supremo of the football governing body, Sepp Blatter. Mr Sepp admitted that he offered a job to the Burundian President at the behest of the Swiss government. He claims that they were trying to create a solution to the Burundian crisis. It is learned that FIFA has offered an Ambassadorial job to Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza. Experts say that the offer was made to Mr Nkurunziza for blocking him from contesting an election for the third consecutive term. As per reports, the Burundi supremo refused to accept the offer, citing western involvement in the offer. Anyway, he has contested in the elections and successfully won it, triggering a rampant political crisis in the country. Meanwhile, Swiss authorities agreed that they have suggested for making an offer to the Burundi’s supremo. But, they declined the conspiracy theory and claims that they did not asked to press for Burundi supremo’s resignation. It asserts that they were trying to ensure the peaceful living conditions in the war-distorted country. It is found that nearly four hundred people dead and around ten thousand others has migrated from Burundi when violence erupted in the country after elections. It is learned that Mr Nkurunziza is a well-known football enthusiast.


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